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Homework Policy - Foundation Phase

In the Foundation Phase, the purpose of homework is primarily to re-enforce and consolidate the work done in the classroom.  A secondary purpose is to develop responsibility and good learning habits in the learners.  It should also provide an opportunity for structured, quality time between parents and children.

All grades address the issue of homework at the parent orientation evenings held at the beginning of the school year.  The requirements and expectations are stated clearly.

1.    A period of 20 - 30 minutes must be set aside on a daily basis for the completion of homework.

2.    Parents are to be involved in the activities, where possible.

3.    Parents must assume ultimate responsibility for the checking of homework, regardless of whether it has been
      done at aftercare.

4.    Homework diaries are to be checked and signed by parents daily. Diaries are used as a communication method
       between home and school and vice versa and are checked by teachers daily.

Although there are a number of common elements across the phase, homework varies from grade to grade.   

Examples of homework which may be given during the week are as follows:

Grade 1:
Activities to facilitate the development of phonic skills and numeracy concepts.

Grade 2:
Memory sentence
Afrikaans vocabulary (oral only)
Maths activities

Grade 3:
VAK (high frequency words)
Wordlist (phonics based words)
Maths (bonds and tables)
Afrikaans reading (from third term)

Careless work, lacking in effort, is sometimes sent home to be re-done.

Generally, unfinished classwork is not sent home for completion, as this is
evidence that the child is experiencing difficulty in some regard.