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Assignment and Project Policy



1. Instructions are to be given in writing

2. Instructions are to be clear and should be explained fully

3. The marking rubric should be supplied

4. The date of issue and the due date should be supplied. The time granted for completing the assignment should be

5. The research required should be accessible to all. Materials required should have no or little cost and should be easily
obtainable to all.


1. The assignment must be handed in on or before the due date. Should this due date not be met, a zero (0) mark will be
registered subject to the following:

2. If the learner is ill on the due date, the assignment may be handed in on the day that he/she returns to school with no
penalty. This must be accompanied by a letter from the parent explaining the child’s absence.

3. Should the assignment not be handed in on the due date due to negligence only one day’s grace will be given. This late
handing in will result in the child forfeiting 20% of the marks.

4. This policy will be strictly enforced. No deviations will be permitted.