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Extension and Enrichment Club

E Squared Club was founded by Mrs Bouwer as a way to provide creative and mental stimulation for our higher order, “out of the box” thinkers (not just the “academic” high achievers.) The Club is meant to enhance the children’s learning experience rather than to advance them in any specific way academically. The Club runs after school hours and works on a strictly invitational basis after children are nominated by their class teachers and assessed by Mrs Bouwer (Grade 4-7).

Foundation Phase (Mrs Twell):

We are delighted to announce that Mrs Twell is offering E Squared to our Grade 2 and 3 pupils!

Club times and venue:

Mondays:          Grade 2            13h20 – 13h50 (Rainbow Room)

Wednesdays:    Grade 3            14h20 – 14h50 (Rainbow Room)

2018 members:

Grade 2: Cayden Adams, Dylan Johnson, Ben Bruggerman, Leo Craull, David Reed, Luke Martin, Aiden Els, Ewan McCloud, Stewart May, Ethan Seabrook, Zoe-Jane Cole, Hannah Roberts

Grade 3: Kgosi Nyathela, Matthew Adams, Noah Helleyer, Jaydon Norton, Daniel King, Nathan Paly, Storm Stokes, James Cronje, Travis Vollmer, Aiden Williams, Kyle Shaw

InterSen Phase (Mrs Stephen Grade 4 and Mrs Bouwer Grade 5-7):

Club times and venue:

Mondays:          Grade 5                14h15 – 14h45 (Mrs Bouwer’s classroom)

Wednesdays:     Grade 4s              14h15 – 14h45 (Mrs Mahabeer’s classroom with Mrs Stephen)

Grade 7s              14h15 – 15h00 (Mrs Bouwer’s classroom)

Thursdays:        Grade 6s               14h15 – 15h00 (Mrs Bouwer’s classroom)

2018 members:

Grade 4: Vaughan vd Berg, Gabriel Bestbier, Luke Honeyball, Jack Sutherland, Liam O’Shea, Ben vd Merwe, Noah Henderson, Tristan Munnik.

Grade 5: Max Jansen van Vuuren, Kevar Mahabeer, Caitlin Payne, Justin Radyn, Luca Coculescu, Ethan Siebritz, Liam Pitcher, Mikayla de Franca

Grade 6: Cassidy Lawrence, Denique Vorster, Daniel vd Merwe, Hluma Guzana, Meeka Schwartzkopff, Dante Kyle, Luke Blomdal, Aidan Scholtz, Dylan Williams, Abigail Reyneke, Laszlo Balint, Timothy Bowman, Jack Stelzmann, Jesse Lee Moses.

Grade 7: Katie Phillips, Morgan Roffe, Asher Hellyer, Darius Strydom, Isabella Wright, Jarred Loubser, Lucian Ward, Chad Meyer, Matthew Blaine, Dominique Cunningham, Christopher Hartslief, Leo Mischker, Ilan Hassall, Josh Hagglund, Reid Gilmour.


Foundation Phase Chess Club

with Miss C. Mackenzie

Grade 3 pupils who are interested in playing chess are very welcome to join our junior chess club. All boys and girls are very welcome even if they have never played chess before because we will be starting with an introduction to the basic moves of the various pieces during this first term, building up to a full game by the second term.

Chess is a wonderful game for developing mental ability and valuable life skills such as making decisions and planning ahead and we would like to encourage experienced and new players in this grade to join us for an hour of fun.

With Mrs P. Govender

We meet on Tuesday afternoons 14:15 to 15:15. Children who have not been to Chess Club previously and are able to play chess may also attend.

EPEC (Edgemead Primary Environmental Club) 2018

EPEC is an environmental club which comprises of Grade 6 and Grade 7 learners only.  Members are selected through an application process.  The club is often involved in activities, outings or campaigns on Friday afternoons or Saturdays.  Some of these activities include:  beach or pollution clean ups, dog/cat shows, environmental camps, outings to the S.P.C.A., the lion park, vets, SANCOBB, hikes and environmental talks.

2018 Members


Book club is held every Tuesday from 2.30 to 3.30 and is open from for children from grade 4 to 7.  The aim is to have fun while learning about books.  We do book reviews, read to the members and discuss book related issues.  We also try to improve the children’s imagination by starting with an ice breaker every time.

Book Club members 2018


General Knowledge at EPS has two entities which operate independently.  We have a club and our school teams. (Interschool and Interhouse). Below is a short explanation of each.


The club meets every Thursday from 2.30 to 3.30 in the school library.  It is open to children from grades 5 – 7.  We discuss current affairs and encourage the children to bring in articles of interest.  A very popular activity is our weekly gk quiz.  We put a lot of emphasis on revising the question often in order to improve retention of information.

Please note that due to demand, we have introduced an application system which works on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.


Teams are selected on merit.