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Student Leaders


Congratulations to  Morgan Hendricks (Head Girl) and Joshua van Niekerk (Head Boy) for 2019

On Friday, 18 January and Saturday, 19 January the Student Leaders attended a training session to learn more about each other and their role for the coming year. Several activities were completed to get to know our fellow Student Leaders. The activities allowed all the Student Leaders to find out something new about each other and gave them a chance to talk to someone they didn’t really know very well. The Student Leaders were addressed by Mr Mc Aslin, Mr Nathan, Miss Bell, Mr Koen and Mrs Lockett regarding the various activities that they would be participating in throughout the year and what was expected of them. The training session was a wonderful opportunity for teachers and students to connect.

Thank you to Mrs Potter for educating our Student Leaders in basic first aid. To Ryan Warner and Mr van Schalkwyk thank you for your motivational presentations.

Daniella Almeida
Daniel Anderson
Dee-Anne Andrews
Josh Barnes
Madison Beaumont-Thomas
Ziah Bobbs
Levi Bowers
Lisa Butler
Mia Collins
Samuel da Graca
Leann Foshaugen
Bethany Grace
Kyra Greenan
Hluma Guzana
Morgan Hendricks
Hannah Inglis
Adam Johnston
Emma Kearns
Cassidy Lawrence
Farrin Maal
Thandazile Mbewana
Kristen McGregor
Othandwayo Melani
Bayathandwa Menisi
Jesse-Lee Moses
Jessica Mouton
Liyema Mpatani
Caitlin Neethling
Tamryn Olsen
Julianne Pereira
Zara Senlen
Trinity Simmons
Jessica Smith
Robyn-Lee Solomon
Tessa Taylor
Mia Thomson
Daniël van der Merwe
Luke van der Merwe
Joshua van Niekerk
Hannah Visagie
Tristan Vlok
Denique Vorster
Dylan Williams
Lucy Wood

A Big Congratulations to All!

We wish them every success as they lead the prefect body and undertake the many tasks assigned to them this year.

Reid Gilmore
Brandon Less
Tatum Rautenbach
Eden Evetts
Phumelela Mphuthi
Kyra Taylor
Xivano Chabalala
Megan Nathan
Isabella di Liva
Jordan Malan
Trinity West
Isabella Wright
Katherine McCree
Jade Smith
Aidan Donaldson
Danny Gebhard
Erin Knott
Tiana Elijah
Mlibo Msolo
Megan Vogt
Asher Hellyer
Jenna Surjoo
Connor Curry
Robyn Van Heerden