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PRINCIPAL: Mr Gregory Stokell
CHAIRPERSON:  Mr Vaughn Glover (Elected Parent)
TREASURER:  Mr Shane Anderson (Elected Parent)
SECRETARY:  Mrs Tracey McGee (Elected Non Educator)
Mrs Michelle du Toit (Elected Parent)
Mr Dean Marsh (Elected Parent)
Mrs Thandy Mkhambi (Elected Parent)
Mr Alex Gibbons (Elected Educator)
Mrs Sharon Joosten (Elected Educator)
Mr Arthur McAslin (Deputy Principal - co-opted)
Mrs Debbie Meyer (Deputy Principal - co-opted)


Miss L Dunn - Music Teacher
Mrs Y Recrosio - Music Teacher
Mr A Gibbons - Music Teacher
Mrs W Siebritz - Piano and Violin
Miss M van de Merwe - Classical Guitar
Mr E Terhoven - Drums
Mrs S Sutherland - Singing and Senior Choir                                                  
Miss M van Zyl - Creative Arts/Drama
Mrs N Brüssouw - Foundation Phase Art Teacher
Mrs N Siganda - Social Worker
Mrs L Bouwer - Remedial Teacher
Miss B Horner - Remedial Teacher

Mrs C Walsh - I.T. Manager/Computer Curriculum Teacher Gr 5-7
Mrs T McGee - Computer Curriculum Teacher
Miss J Abrahamse - Computer Curriculum Teacher Gr1-4
Mrs N Henry - Life Skills Teacher/IT Curriculum Integrator



Mrs J Thomas - Teacher Grade 1Th (Grade Head)
Miss C Mackenzie - Teacher Grade 1Mc
Mrs D Kleibeler - Teacher Grade 1Kl
Mrs C Charles - Teacher Grade 1Ch
Mrs I Rautenbach - Teacher Grade 1Ra
Mrs K Whittemore - Teacher Grade 1Wh


Mrs K Collop - Teacher Grade 2Co (Grade Head)
Mrs M Alves - Teacher Grade 2Al
Mrs L Melim - Teacher Grade 2Me
Miss K Ordendaal - Teacher Grade 2Or
Mrs M Purnell - Teacher Grade 2Pu
Mrs R Lockett - Teacher Grade 2Lo
Mrs T Jacobs - Assistant Teacher Grade 2



Mrs S Drinkrow - Teacher Grade 3Dr (Grade Head)
Mrs M Hewetson - Teacher Grade - 3He
Ms M Kleingunther - Teacher Grade 3Kl
Mrs L Lawrence - Teacher Grade 3La
Miss T Ferreira - Teacher Grade 3Fe
Miss R Armstrong - Teacher Grade 3Ar
Mrs L Latsky - Assistant Teacher Grade 3


Mrs R Emery - Teacher Grade 4Em (Grade Head)
Mrs A Keyser - Teacher Grade 4Ke
Mrs P Govender - Teacher Grade 4Go
Mrs A Mahabeer - Teacher Grade 4Mo
Mrs J Lategan - Teacher Grade 4La
Mrs C Meyer - Teacher Grade 4Me


Mrs J Spencer - Teacher Grade 5Sp (Grade Head)
Mrs C.Worling - Teacher Grade 5Wo
Mrs R Jones  - Teacher Grade 5Jo
Mr S Morgan - Teacher Grade 5Mo
Mrs C McLeod - Teacher Grade 5Mc
Mr J Mundey - Teacher Grade 5Mu


Mr J Nathan - Teacher Grade 6Na (Grade Head)
Mrs S Joosten - Teacher Grade 6Jo
Mrs R Butler - Teacher Grade 6Bu
Mr B Marchand - Teacher Grade 6Ma
Mrs S Nell - Teacher Grade 6Ne
Mrs P Covey - Teacher Grade 6Co


Mrs C Bell - Teacher Grade 7Be (Grade Head)
Mrs S Chetty - Teacher Grade 7Ch
Mr H Koen - Teacher Grade 7Ko
Mrs T du Plessis - Teacher Grade 7Du
Mr A Stemmet - Teacher Grade 7Hu
Miss M de Sousa - Teacher Grade 7De


Mrs D Bestbier - Principal's Secretary
Mrs G Hanekom - School Secretary
Mrs A Fernandes - Financial Secretary
Mrs T Kellerman - Financial Assistant
Mrs C Smith - School Fee Administrator
Mrs A Hechter - HOD and Sports
Mrs L Potter - Sports Administrator
Mrs M Bonarius - Librarian
Mrs W Goetze - Library Assistant
Mrs J Twell - Academic and Learning Support Teacher
Mrs E Daras - Tuckshop and Clothing Shop
Mr G Simons - General Forman
Mr H Adolf - General Assistant
Mr A Bosman - General Assistant
Mr R Hess - General Assistant
Mrs E Alexander - General Assistant
Mr D Poole - General Assistant
Mr V Priemo - General Assistant
Mrs N Priemo - General Assistant
Miss C Arries - General Assistant


STAFF 2018

Front Row: Mrs J Thomas, Ms M Alves, Mrs S Drinkrow, Mrs J Bowman, Mrs D Meyer, Mr G Stokell, Mr A McAslin, Mrs A Keyser, Mrs A Hechter, Mrs K van der Westhuizen, Mrs S Joosten.

Second Row: Mrs E Daras, Mrs C Smith, Mrs C Harris, Mrs C Mackenzie, Mrs D Bestbier, Mrs G Stephen, Mrs P Covey, Mrs R Butler, Mrs R Jones, Ms J McEvoy, Mrs L Melim, Mrs P Govender, Mrs C Charles, Mrs L Lawrence, Mrs K Whittemore,.

Third Row: Mrs C Worling, Mrs N Henry, Mrs T Siganda, Ms B Horner, Ms R Armstrong, Mrs T McGee, Mrs D Kleibleler, Mrs I Rautenbach, Mrs K Collop, Ms M de Sousa, Mrs L Potter, Mrs Y Recrosio, Mrs J Spencer, Ms Y Eygelaar, Ms L Dunn.

Forth Row: Mrs L Bouwer, Ms J Abrahamse, Mrs A Mahabeer, Mrs A Fernandes, Mrs G Hanekom, Mrs W Goetze, Mrs C Mcleod, Mrs M Hewetson, Ms T Ferreira, Mrs S Chetty, Mrs T du Plessis, Mr J Nathan, Mrs C Walsh, Mrs J Twell, Ms E Hviid-Nielsen.

Fifth Row: Ms J Ralph, Mrs S Nell, Mrs R Emery, Mr W Siebritz, Ms M van Zyl, Mr H Koen, Ms C Bell,  Mr J Bremner, Mr A Gibbons, Mr B Marchand, Mrs J Lategan, Ms D Willis, Mr A Stemmet, Mrs M Bonarius, Mrs R Lockett, Ms D Afonso.


BACK ROW: Mrs T McGee, Mrs M Hewetson, Miss C Bell, Mrs J Lategan, Mrs R Rae, Mr G Adlard,     Mrs S Nell, Mrs M Bonarius, Mrs L Potter, Miss C Roth, Mrs C Walsh.

2nd ROW FROM BACK: Mrs A Mahabeer, Mrs K Collop, Mrs R Jones, Mrs R Butler, Mrs L Bouwer,     Miss T Ferreira, Mr G Kruger, Mrs W van der Merwe, Mrs R Lockett, Mrs D Kleibeler, Mrs S Owen,     Mrs M Purnell, Miss A Carstens, Mrs C McLeod.

3rd ROW FROM BACK: Mr D Hunt, Mr J Bremner, Mrs L Melim, Mrs L Lawrence, Miss S Long,

Mrs T du Plessis, Mrs R van Wyk, Mrs J Spencer, Mrs D Haggons, Mrs J Twell, Mrs C Worling,              Mrs C Smith, Mr A Gibbons, Mr J Hopgood.

MIDDLE ROW: Mrs K Whittemore, Miss C Mackenzie, Mrs H Kriek, Mrs P Govender, Mrs N Henry,    Mrs I Rautenbach, Mrs Y Recrosio, Mrs G Stephen, Mrs P Covey, Mrs E Daras, Miss L Dunn,                  Mr J Hopgood.

FRONT ROW: Mrs J Thomas, Ms M Alves, Mrs J Bowman, Mrs D Meyer, Mr F van Vuuren,                    Mr A McAslin, Mrs A Keyser, Mrs S Joosten, Mrs K van der Westhuizen, Mrs C Busse,                            Mrs D Bestbier.