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Prefect Policy

1.  Selection Criteria

1.1    The criteria for Prefect selection are as follows:

1.1.1    Responsibility
1.1.2    Maturity
1.1.3    Self Confidence
1.1.4    Organizational Skills

2.    Selection Process

2.1    The Grade 6 educators will forward a list of definite Prefect candidates in their grade to the principal
during the fourth term of the academic year.
2.2    Names of Prefects will be announced at assembly during the second week of the new academic year.
New Prefects will receive their badges and blazer scrolls at the same assembly.
2.3    A core of 20 – 24 will be selected from the learner body.
2.4    The Grade 7 educators will be permitted to motivate and add names to the Prefect Body but no
later than the end of February.
2.5    Prefects will not be added to the Prefect Body during the course of the academic year.
2.6    All Prefects will undergo a training seminar where their duties and responsibilities will be explained
to them.

3.    Selection of Head Prefects

3.1    Two Head Prefects will be selected from the Prefect Body.
3.2    Selection of Head Prefects will be concluded after the completion of the training seminar.
3.3    Ratification and selection of the Head Prefects will be done by the Grade 7 educators and the
principal of the school.

4.    General

4.1    Should any Prefect tarnish the name of the school or fail to set an example to their peers their
badge and duties will be suspended.
4.2    It is compulsory for all Prefects to wear a school blazer.
4.3    Prefects will receive their duties on Monday mornings. Failure to perform duties will result  
disciplinary action.