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Mrs C Walsh - I.T. Manager/SNR Primary Computer Cirriculum Teacher
Miss J Abrahamse - JNR Primary Computer Curriculum Teacher

The centres are also open most afternoons for research and educational purposes.

Computer Club: Mrs C. Walsh for Internet research, Academics and Computer Literacy.
Times: every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons 14:30 - 15:30

Readers are Leaders: Mrs T. McGee for reading practice and improvement.
Times: Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays 14:30 - 15:00 and times will be set by grade.

Teaching Enhancements

We are indeed happy to inform parents that we today took delivery of another consignment of smart boards. As soon as these new boards are installed every classroom from Grade 2-7, will be equipped with these boards. I believe that EPS is one of the best equipped schools in CT in this regard.

We thank you all for this. Our children are extremely fortunate to enjoy our wonderful facilities and teaching aids. We are able to provide these enhancements as a result of the responsible attitude of our parents in meeting their financial obligations.

Amongst others, we utilize the following software:

>Readers are Leaders
>IR Learning Tools
>Maths Trek
>Interactive Notebook Software
>MS Office
>Internet Access and Emailing

Rules for Responsible Internet Use

The school has installed computers with Internet access to help our learning. These rules will keep you safe and help us be fair to others.

  • Learners will only access the system with their own login and password, which they will keep secret.
  • Learners will not access other people’s e-mails, folders or files and they will not attempt to access any inappropriate sites.
  • Learners will use the computers for school work, homework, computer literacy, research and educational games only.

Honesty, fairness and respect are central to Edgemead Primary School. These principles extend to all areas of the School, including scholarly research.
Edgemead Primary is committed to upholding standards of academic integrity and honesty.
Edgemead students are therefore required to:
·    undertake studies and research responsibly and with honesty and integrity;
·    ensure that academic work is in no way falsified;
·    seek permission to use the work of others, where required;
·    acknowledge appropriately the work of others; and
·    take reasonable steps to ensure that other students are unable to copy or misuse their work.
Plagiarism, collusion and cheating, including assisting others to cheat, are unacceptable and will be dealt with under the Edgemead Primary School discipline policy.

  • Learners will not bring in floppy disks, C.D.s, Flash Sticks or MP3 Players from outside school unless they have been given permission and have had these items virus scanned and checked by their teacher or a computer teacher.
  • Learners will ask permission from a member of staff before using the internet.
  • Learners will only e-mail people they know, or their teacher has approved.
  • The messages learners send will be polite and responsible.
  • Learners will not give out their home address or telephone number, or arrange to meet any one, unless their parent, guardian or teacher has given permission.
  • Learners will report any unpleasant material or messages sent to them. They must understand that this report would be confidential and would help protect other learners and as well as themselves.
  • Learners will not at any time access any chat rooms, my space, facebook etc. or communicate using Mxit.
  • Learners must understand that the school may check their computer files, e-mails and monitor the internet sites they visit at any time.

Mrs. A.C.  Walsh - I.T. Manager
Mr. F. van Vuuren -  Principal
June 2006 amended 2013