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School Fees Exemption

Exemption from the paying of school fees:  In terms of section 39 of the South African Schools' Act, parents are liable to pay school fees.  In terms of Section 40 of the South African Schools' Act, the school may enforce this payment by taking legal action.

Notwithstanding the above, parents may be eligible for total, partial or conditional exemption of school fees.  Specific details about these exemptions are available from our fee administrator,  Mrs Smith.  A meeting may also be arranged with the principal to discuss this matter.

It is important to note that although the school is obliged to give this relief, the state does not compensate the school.  The school itself incurs the loss, which in turn is borne by those parents who do pay their fees.  For this reason, we appeal to parents to apply responsibly for this exemption.  It stands to reason that if the majority of parents do not support us financially, our facilities will deteriorate, class sizes would increase dramatically and our service delivery will decline.

It is necessary that parents acknowledge that they have been informed about school fees and their right to apply for exemption thereof (as stated above).  The acknowledgement of this notice is included in “Forms” below.  Should a parent intend to apply for exemption, they will be required to collect the application forms from our school fee administrator.

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