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Welcome to Edgemead Primary School.  We hope that you will enjoy this visit to our website.

Edgemead Primary is a state public school and is subject to the laws of the country as laid down by the South African Schools' Act.  We strive to provide an excellent all round education based on the Revised National Curriculum Statement.

The school is governed by a Governing Body whilst the day to day management is undertaken by the Principal in consultation with a Leadership Team.

Our school plays an active part in the community and parents are encouraged to become part of the education process by being involved with school affairs.  Contact with the principal and teachers is encouraged.  Kindly make appointments via the secretary.

We communicate regularly with our parents by means of our school Communicator Software that is installed onto our parents home or work computers, our School Communicator is updated on a very regular basis.  Parents and pupils are encouraged to take note of the Communicator regards news, important calender dates, resources, gallery, homework etc. as these contain important information.  News is also updated on the school website every week under bulletin or news.