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Grade 6

Educators (2018)

Mrs S. Joosten (HOD), Mr J. Nathan (Grade Head), Mrs R. Butler, Mrs S. Nell, Mrs P. Covey, Mr B. Marchand


Dear Parents

On behalf of the Grade 6 teaching team, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you and congratulate you on your child’s achievements in Grade 5. The Grade 6 teaching team has set specific objectives which it will strive to achieve in 2018.  These include improved self-discipline, neatness and academic commitment.  Further information regarding these objectives and other matters related to Grade 6 will be given to you early in the New Year at our Parent Information evening.

Kindly ensure that your child’s uniform meets with the stipulated requirements.  Uniform and stationery is to be clearly marked as from the first day of next year.


The following is a list of stationery required from the FIRST DAY for Grade 6:


  • 4 blue ballpoint pens
  • 8 HB pencils
  • 1 30cm ruler
  • 2 erasers
  • 1 sharpener (with container)
  • 1 pencil bag (no space cases)
  • 4 black fineliner pens
  • 1 pair scissors
  • 4 large Pritt
  • pencil crayons
  • Calculator (NO scientific calculator/Basic functions only)
  • English dictionary (recommended: Collins School Dictionary)
  • Tweetalige Skoolwoordeboek
  • Plastic for covering books (keep at home until needed)
  • Labels for book covering
  • 1 x 10 page plastic sleeve flip file
  • 1 x 20 page plastic sleeve flip file
  • Maths set – protractor and compass
  • 4 x 100 page examination pads
  • Mon Amis
  • Set of 4 highlighters
  • 1x Memory Stick
  • 1x Set Colour Pens


We are looking forward to a successful 2018 and wish you a safe and relaxing Festive Season with your children.