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Grade 5

Educators (2018)

Mrs K. van der Westhuizen (HOD), Mrs J Spencer (Grade Head), Mrs C. Worling, Mrs C. McLeod, Mrs I Dingle, Mrs R. Jones


Dear Parents

On behalf of the Grade 5 Teaching Team, we would like to extend a warm welcome to you and congratulate you on your child’s achievements in Grade 4.

The school has set itself aims which it hopes to attain in 2018.  These involve the achievement of improved discipline, neatness and communication.  We shall give you more details early in the New Year as your co-operation will be required in most of the ventures.  Further information regarding working procedures, homework and all the various systems which make up the smooth running of the grade will be given to you at a Grade 5 Parents' Meeting, to be held early in the new year in the respective teachers’ classrooms.


Please ensure that your child has the stationery requirements and make sure that they are labelled. They are:-

  • Rolls of plastic for covering exercise books and text books, 1 roll adhesive tape.
  • 4 HB pencils, 2 blue ballpoint pens, 1 black fine liner
  • Pencil crayons, kokis
  • A 30cm ruler, 2 erasers, a sharpener with canister, a pair of scissors, Pritt glue (large x2).
  • A pencil bag – no space cases
  • A 30 pocket flip file for assessments.
  • Pupils are also requested to bring the flip-file that they used in Grade 4.  The file will be used to store notes.
  • It is important that your child has his/her own dictionaries: One English dictionary (small i.e. Children’s Oxford) and an English-Afrikaans dictionary (small).  These dictionaries are carried in their cases each and every day, so they should not be cumbersome.
  • A proper blue school suitcase.  (No tog bags or backpacks).
  • Art shirt.
  • R5-00 towards colour covers for workbooks.
  • Sharp EL231L Calculator
  • Stencil Set
  • 8 gig USB Memory Stick
  • Whiteboard & whiteboard pen
  • i-Pads, software and Wi-Fi will be provided for Gr5 children.


We will issue the children with a hard cover book to be used as a homework diary.

Please ensure that your child’s uniform and Physical Education clothes are complete and in good order for the New Year.

Each item of clothing must be clearly marked.  Refer to our School Website with regards to uniform requirements.


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Grade 5 pupils will be going on the SOS Outdoor Camp during March.

The cost per pupil will be R550-00.  This fee needs to be paid by 17 March 2018.  This may be paid in 3 instalments – end January, end February and mid-March.  Please budget accordingly.  The dates for the camp are 22-23 March 2018.

We are looking forward to a successful 2018 and extend to you Season’s Greetings and a safe and relaxing holiday.