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Grade 4

Educators (2018)

Mrs A Keyser (HOD), Mrs R Emery (Grade Head), Mrs P Govender, Mrs A Mahabeer, Mrs J Lategan, Mrs C Meyer



Dear Parents

The Grade Four teachers would like to extend a warm welcome to you as the Grade Four parents of 2018.  We trust that our relationship with you will be a positive one of commitment, co-operation and good communication throughout the year.  With this in mind we shall be scheduling an orientation evening for all Grade Four parents early in the first term.  Details will be forthcoming early next year.

Below is a list of stationery requirements for next year:


  • Rolls of plastic for covering exercise books
  • HB pencils (no pacers) x 12
  • Pencil crayons
  • Mon Ami wax retractable crayons – allowed for certain exercises
  • 1 x koki’s
  • Eraser x 2
  • 2 Hole Sharpener (with container)
  • 30cm ruler
  • stencil (letters 1-2cm in height) – Helix Plastic Lettering Stencil – set of 3 or 4
  • pencil bag (no space cases) 33cm
  • scissors 17cm
  • Pritt glue – Please keep a supply at home (36g x 8)
  • Calculator : Should you need to buy a new one, it would be advisable to get one which has a constant function e.g. Sharp EL231L basic 4 function
  • 3 x 20 page A4 Flipfiles
  • 1 x 30 page A4 Flipfile
  • Dictionary – Eng/Afri School Dictionary 15 BN 9781868901289
  • English Dictionary – Oxford SA Secondary 15 BN 9780195762235
  • A standardized format homework diary will be provided by the school.
  • 2 boxes of tissues
  • A4 White board
  • 2x Blue, 2x Black, 1x Red & 1x Green whiteboard markers
  • 8 gig USB memory stick
  • Bright project board A4 160g – 100 sheets
  • 1x Set of 4 Highlighters
  • 1 x hand sanitiser 300ml

NB : * We cannot emphasise strongly enough that all your child’s stationery, clothing and other property must be clearly marked.

* We would also appreciate it if each child could have:

a draw-string lunchbag and a material or plastic bookbag for taking books home.

Learners’ books and textbooks are better maintained and less likely to get lost.

Book covers are provided.

We wish you an enjoyable holiday with your family, a blessed Christmas and a prosperous and successful New Year.