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Grade 3

Educators (2018)

Mrs D. Meyer (Deputy Principal), Mrs S Drinkrow (Acting HOD), Mrs L. Lawrence, Miss T Ferreira, Mrs M. Hewetson, Ms D. Willis, Miss R Armstrong and Mrs L. Latsky (Assistant).



Dear Parents

Welcome to Gr3 for 2018.  The following is a list of requirements for Grade 3.  Please ensure that they are at school with your child on the first school day next year and that they are clearly marked with your child’s name.


Please replace consumables during the year as the need arises.

1.   Art shirt

2.   2 large boxes of tissues and 1x 200ml hand sanitizer

3.   4x Large Pritt glue sticks

4.   Sharpeners with small container for sharpenings

  1. Pencil crayons
  2. MON-AMIS [in a pencil bag]

7.   24 HB lead pencils [in a pencil bag]

8.   4 x Erasers

9.   2 x 30cm rulers (width not to exceed 3cm with 0 displayed & no bending silicon rulers)

10. Grade 2 I R P bag

11. PVC carry folder (A4 transparent plastic envelope) x 2

12. Pair of scissors e.g. tortoiseshell colour range – NOT junior training scissors

13. 30 page Flip File (yellow and red logo – Kangaroo)

14. 1 x 20 Page Flip File (preferably Kangaroo)

15. 8 dry wipe pens (2 per term) for white board

16. White Board (A4 size)

All items are to be clearly marked and kept in a fabric, zipped pencil bag.

NO PLASTIC OR METAL SPACE-CASES ARE ALLOWED. These take up too much space and make a lot of noise when they fall on the floor.

17. R40 in a marked envelope for Afrikaans Persoonlike Woordeboek (copies sold at school).


These articles must be purchased before the school re-opens in the first term of 2018.  Lost/Broken/Replenished stationery must be replaced.  All spare stationery must be kept at home.

Physical Education Requirements:

Navy Blue shorts (clearly marked)

School T-shirt (clearly marked)

One piece black bathing costume for girls/black speedo for boys (this item not available from School Clothing Store)

Bathing cap (in colour of school sports house)

School togbag – no other togbag will be allowed


These items are compulsory for both girls and boys and are available from the Clothing Store at school.

Girls hair accessories must be navy blue/white and these cannot be bought at the Clothing Store.


Your co-operation in this regard is greatly appreciated.  We look forward to a happy association with you and your child next year.

Yours sincerely