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Grade 1

Educators (2018)

Mrs J. Thomas (HOD), Mrs I. Rautenbach, Miss C. MacKenzie, Mrs K. Whittemore, Mrs D. Kleibeler, Mrs C Charles

The grade 1 learners will be attending school for a full day as from the first day of school.

Grade 1 stationery requirements for 2018

Please be sure that your child has these things ready for the first day of the new school year.

1.       An art shirt. Dad’s old shirt works best.  Please have the sleeves shortened to cover your child’s arm and put elastic in the sleeve cuffs. Sew a tag just below the inside of the collar so that the art shirt can hang from a hook.

2.       A photograph of your child to put up in the classroom.  We would like this to be a normal A6 size. This is the size of a post card.

3.       A box of tissues.

4.       A colouring-in book or activity book.  Please purchase one with less than 80 pages.

5.       Plenty of strong, durable plastic and cellotape to cover all your Grade 1 books.  Please keep this supply handy, as I will be sending books home to be covered within the first week.

6.       Please purchase a firm navy-blue satchel or suitcase.  These are also available at our clothing store at school.  The clothing store is open from 12 until 2pm Monday to Thursday and from 12-1pm each Friday.  We do not allow the wheelie type suitcases.


A homework book, lunch bag, book bag and chair bag will be issued to your child.


Stationery that your child will need for next year:

1 x Denim Pencil bag 22cm

8 x Glue Sticks 20g

3 x blue Whiteboard Markers

1 set of 12  pencil crayons.

1 x Finger Grip Ruler

1 x Maped 2-hole Sharpener in container

12 x Staedtler HB pencils.

1 x pair of blunt nose Scissors

2 x Erasers

2 x 20 page flip files

2  sets of  turnout Wax Crayons 12’s


Please sharpen and mark each item.  Each pencil and pencil crayon needs to be marked with your child’s name.

We do not allow space cases as the desk space is limited.

Please bring all your stationery to school on the first day.  Each item must be MARKED VERY CLEARLY with both name and surname. Please put all the marked stationery in a 2 litre ice-cream container. I will store the stationery supply at school.

Bring your art shirt, tissues, photo and colouring book on the first day too.


Mrs J. Thomas (HOD)