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Religious Policy

Although Edgemead Primary has a Christian ethos, we endeavour to treat each child with respect and dignity, irrespective of their religious background.  We acknowledge all children's particular religious beliefs and practices and encourage all learners to accept each other's religious differences.

Edgemead Primary pursues the Life Orientation syllabus as set out by the WCED and each grade is exposed to facets of religions other than their own.  Tolerance and acceptance undergird the material presented, encouraging children to be more accepting of other cultural and religious and groups.

Where days of religious significance are celebrated at school, objection on grounds of religion are acknowledged.  These learners may be excused.  Non-participation in singing religious songs outside of a particular child's religious conviction is also permissible.  This also applies to the school song and the national anthem.  These learners are also permitted to take time off to celebrate the festival of their particular religion.

School assemblies are held once a week.  Topics shared with the learners are designed to instil Godly values such as honesty, generosity, kindness etc. and to encourage the learners to live effective, successful lives.