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Remedial Fees

As in the case of music, the attending of remedial lessons is a voluntary option exercised by parents.
These classes do not form part of the curriculum.

The school has employed two remedial teachers - Mrs Bouwer (HOD) and Ms Horner as well as a social worker Mrs Siganda. These teachers attend to the needs of the children requiring specialised remedial intervention or emotional support.

Since this is an additional optional facility and the school is required to employ these additional teachers, parents are required to pay for this service.  The fees charged are, however, much more favourable than fees charged by private practitioners.

Remedial Fees 2019

Remedial fees are set at the following:

Termly Inv Group R   525
Termly Inv 1 week Sessions R   787
Termly Inv 2 week Sessions R1 575

Remedial fees are payable per term and must be paid within the first week of each term.