Welcome to Edgemead Primary School

Mission Statement

Our School enables each individual to explore their potential and develop holistically

in a safe, connected environment to be their best self

to positively influence the world.

Core Values






Vision Statement

Edgemead Primary School will be a dynamic future focused, innovative, respected educational institution of excellence.
In order to fulfill this vision, we are committed to...

  • Recruiting excellent, passionate and knowledgeable educators
  • Providing relevant, up to date opportunities of further education and training to empower staff
  • Ensuring that we remain abreast of the latest developments in technology
  • Providing up to date facilities, educational aids and equipment
  • Implementing the latest, proven learning and teaching techniques and education trends
  • Providing excellent services in order to cater for social, specialist educational and physical needs of the child
  • Providing a safe, homely, relaxed but orderly atmosphere in which children can learn and develop
  • Developing a sense of self-discipline, responsibility, self-esteem, respect and love for all mankind
  • Engaging regularly and meaningfully with all stakeholders: educators, learners, Governing Body, parents and the community.

Our motto "Nil Sine Labore" - nothing without hard work - is our motivation to achieve this mission statement.


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